Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Gayest American Idol Ever!

This has got to be the gayest American Idol season ever. Are there any straight guys? Please, Ryan Seacrest doesn't count.

Based on Tuesday's performances, I think we'll wittle this gay season down to the final true queers.

Goodbye Luke Menard. He's just too perfect. Not only is he beautiful, he never misses a note. Which you wouldn't think is a bad thing but he's just got to let loose. He's got not grit, no edge, no soul.

Then there's Jacuzzi. I mean Chikezie. He's fun and all but compared to the others, not as good.

Then there's Jason Castro. As my best friend Phyllis says, "is he a Jew or a Jamaican?"

Tonight's results: Down to the true flamers.

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Steven said...

Maybe this should be the year that I finally watch American Idol? :-)