Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm glad the weekend is here. After my Tuesday's doldrums, the week actually went by fast. I made significant head way in a project I've been working on. We came to a consensus on some outstanding issues. I also stayed a bit late last night and got out a document that I wanted to complete by week's end. I find Friday nights a perfect time to get things done. I didn't stay long.

My personal training session is coming to a close. It's hard to believe it's been six weeks already. I feel much better and am sorry to see it coming to an end. Now I just need to keep up the work and push myself. Perhaps my company will sponsor another one. However, as the weather gets warmer they usually do these outside boot camp style ones. Personally, while I enjoy being out in nice weather, I'd rather lift weights and work with the gym equipment. I get more out of it. Running around the parking lot and doing push ups in the wet grass gets old.

While on the subject of health and activity, I stumbled across this really cool website that takes your current age, lifestyle and activities and then calculates your real age and new life expectancy. I went from being 41 with an average life expectancy of 75 (the norm) to a real age of 29 with a life expectancy of 88. As you go along and slide the scale to meet your conditions like blood pressure, cholesterol levels and levels of satisfaction, it's interesting to see the years being added or coming off your life. Check it out.

As for my web class, last week's was canceled due to this piddly little snowstorm we had. Next week is the last week for that class too. Gosh what am I going to do with all this time?

Oh, I know...

I forgot one minor thing. I've got "the house" under agreement! We've come to an agreed upon price with the bank and are going through the inspection today. However, since I've been burned in the past, not till I have house keys in hand will I being picking out china patterns and curtains. Okay, we'll maybe I'll look a little but I don't want to get too excited just yet. I've heard horror stories with foreclosures and this one, while grand and beautiful, needs some work but for the price I'm willing to go for it. There's also a two-family beside it that's for sale and needs work but could be a decent source of rental income.

We'll see.


Donnie said...

Weekends are the best...hands down. I long for the weekend.

That is SO cool that your work offers those personal training sessions. I wish my work did the same.

I took one of those things about life expectancies...supposedly I'll live to be 84.

Good luck with "the house" (whispering so not to jinx anything).

"Just David!" said...

biological age: 46
real age: 70.1

average life expectancy: 75
your life expectancy: 50.9

just as i suspected!!!