Friday, April 04, 2008

End of the Week

Thank God it's Friday!

This weeks has been torturous. I feel so behind at work. I come home and just want to do nothing yet feel as if I should be doing more. Last night I left slightly after five. I feel guilty leaving on time.

Bandit had his vet appointment on Tuesday. Cost me $408! I have a car appointment on Monday but would like to get it in today (going to call later and see if they have any cancellations). The front-end is making a funny pinging sound when I turn corners or go over a bump. Funny thing is it doesn't happen all the time. I also need an oil change.

I've been eying the Mercedes E350 or E500. They're my new favorite car. But I'm NOT going to buy one. This I have to keep reminding myself. It would be foolish. My car is fine and when I bought the Volvo I said it was for the long haul. Besides it's almost paid off and I don't want any car payments. And what am I thinking: I'm buying a new house!


Faux Pas blog said...

Oh, the E Class! I believe that it's MB's most popular model. It's the right size, the styling isn't over-the-top, and it has decent performance. Wait until next year, the new model is coming out. I, too, have been eyeing the E Class, but it's way out of my price range! If you get one I will be jealous.

"Just David!" said...

the e's are fab but the s class is too die for!! several friends have them... you could make the e class your long haul car though... ha!! i'd be no help at all!!

Anonymous said...

Yes you are buying a new house! Time to go for the Kia's and the Hyundais! ;-) But there's nothing wrong with checking them out. $408 vet bill? Wow! I hope there was nothing serious that had to be done. Hopefully it's part of the "Seeing Bandit at home and not the office" charge. :-)