Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I See the Light

I slept so good last night. I hit the pillow and the next thing you knew it was five in the morning. I love a deep slumber like that.

This morning the vet and his assistant, his wife, are coming to see Bandit for his annual examination and vaccinations. They're a very nice couple. They operation is all done via house calls. It's very convenient and very expensive but now that Bandit has insurance it should be a bit less.

Good news on the house! It's officially on MLS as Under Agreement. Meaning it's just another step closer to being ours. Closing date is set for April 22nd but like I said I'm not getting overly excited until keys are in hand. Too late.

This past weekend we bought our first home purchase, a new kitchen light. There's no lighting on the first floor so we'll need several fixtures.

I thought it was beautiful. We're now on the hunt for the matching pendants to go over the bar shelf. There's a lighting store near by that is going out of business. We stopped by on Sunday. They had only one of the smaller pendants left. We need two. I found an online store that has them but they only accept phone orders. Weird. I couldn't get a hold of them last night. I'll have to find time to try them again today.

Oh well. Gotta get ready for Bandit's visitors. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit would say hi but he's cowering in the corner. He must've read the reminder postcard on the fridge.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the light fixture!! Its very similar to one i am looking at for my breakfast nook.
Glad that all is well in your world! :)


Anonymous said...

A nice colored glass which should give off a nice warm hue. For Bandit to be cowering at home, I'd hate to see what would happen at a vet's office. But that must make it a bit easier and comfortable for Bandit at home. :-)

Will said...

Very nice lighting fixture, Rick! Please post a picture of the pendants when you get them.