Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Case You Haven't Heard, It's the Weekend

It's the weekend! Woo hoo! I love weekends. Don't you?

Isn't it nice to wake up early and not "have" to do anything or be anywhere for an entire day? Actually for a couple of days. Well it's not true that I have absolutely nothing to do: I have my little Saturday routines that I'll wind up doing like running to Target to get stuff, grocery shopping, BJ's Warehouse and to the dry cleaner's to pick up my shirts. I love shopping and doing stupid little stuff like that. I'm weird. I know.

Tomorrow I might see Nim's Island and go out for a lunch at The Loft in North Andover. I've been once before with Torch...remember him? They have excellent steaks but are also known for a fabulous mac and cheese with lobster! Sounds strange but I saw it on the Phantom Gourmet (local restaurant review television show) and it looked delicious.

The Loft, North Andover, Massachusetts

Next up...

I need to start coordinating contractors to get estimates on the house. A friend of mine at the office gave me her daughter's portfolio - awesome work. She's a contractor that does a lot of interior work. I'll definitely call her.

Last weekend we picked out color swatches for some of the rooms. We're basically putting a fresh coat of paint in nearly every room and while we're at it changing colors to match our taste. For instance one of the bedrooms is pink with stars on the ceiling. Actually I was tempted to leave it as my office colors (kidding). The kitchen is a weird yellow. I'm not crazy about it. I want a warm green -- celery green -- to match the new light fixture.

Speaking of light fixtures. I found a place on line that "supposedly" has the matching pendants. I ordered them the other day but noticed the shipment has since been back ordered. Unfortunately the entire design (Quoizel's Christina pattern) has been discontinued. I'm waiting for the response that the ordered has been canceled. Oh well. If I can't get the matching pendants I'll put in something else. No big deal. Sometimes having everything match to the tee isn't the best anyway. Sometimes it's nice to mix things up a bit.

What other tidbits of my boring little life can I share with you?

I filed a claim for Bandit's check up. (Wow, this is a really boring detail. I must be hitting a creative bottom. Ahem.) The vet seems to think I'll get back about 1/2 of the $400 I was gouged with.

Work is busy. Enough said.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to have the car looked at. Remember I said there's a pinging noise coming from the front end. The guy at the Volvo dealer seems to think it might be the shocks or struts. I don't know if that's covered under warranty. If not, I'm sure it's not cheap. Then again cheaper than buying that Mercedes. Right?

Also, on Tuesday the vet is coming back to give Bandit his final vaccination. Apparently there's one shot they can't do the same day as the others. Of course I'll have to write another check ($$$).

This presents a problem: The vet comes at 7 in the morning and I have to drop the car off at the dealer before 8 and then have the Volvo guy drive me to the office for 8. It'll be a tight morning.

Oh well...who cares. Right now it's the weekend!


Maddog said...

I hope you are having a fun weekend. Those two days off are very important. Probably more so than we think.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the weekend was actually quite a busy one. I hope you were able to enjoy it as well.

TankMontreal said...

I love Target. We don't have 'em up here and I check it out any time I come across one.
Just discovered your blog. It's great fun.
Like at Target, I'll be stopping by whenever I can.