Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Journey to Alaska

I told you I occasionally power nap on my lunch hour. One of my most favorite napping locales is the small regional airport not too far from my office. I like to watch the Pipers and occasional Lear jet take off while I drift to la-la land listening to Jim and Margery of 96.9 FM talk radio.

One day this week - with my neck and all bothering me - I was particularly looking forward to a quick little siesta whilst hearing the occasional chopper from Boston's Channel 5 traffic patrol stop by and gas up. That is usually the extent of excitement on my lunch hour. Well, having had only 3 or 4 hours of sleep the night before I thought I was hallucinating when pulling into the airport instead of seeing the normal sign, I saw this:

And then this...

This normally sleepy little airport was crazed with energy. The parking lot in which I snooze was packed. Down the street there were trailers being set up and port-a-potties shuffled about.

It didn't take me long to realize the Tylenol PM I had taken the night before was not having an adverse reaction to the 2002 Bonardo reserve I ordered from the wine shoppe.

No, it was Hollywood.

Recall several months back I wrote about Disney shooting a film in the area? Well apparently they settled on their location.

The movie is called "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. They were filming in Rockport and other areas a few weeks back. Boston is where it's at for out-of-town filming. Studios have been causing a bustle all over the North Shore: Matthew McConaughey and others were in Rowley and Ipswich a few weeks back filming something else.

The real Sitka, Alaska does have some resemblance to the area. And being that Alaska is much more expensive to film in than Boston, Disney chose this area. There was an interesting article a few weeks back (can't seem to find it otherwise I'd post) in which the real residents of Alaska were complaining that Disney chose an alternative location to depict their small town. Oh well.

I shot a couple more pictures but had to be a bit stealth. The place was amuck with security. Even the Sitka police showed up.

I happened to have my camera on me because I've been taking pictures of the house under construction (that's another post). I never did see Bullock or Reynolds, apparently they were on a back runway inside a plane but I got some pictures of the crew and walked around and some some other actors whom I didn't recognize.

So that was my day at the airport. The picture above shows the green screen they use to superimpose backgrounds in post-production. Perhaps they'll digitize a snowbank over me snoring in the Volvo.


Countess Bedelia said...

I had no idea that our neck of the woods was hosting so many celebrities! Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

You had me going there for a second! But it reminds me of when film crews were in town for "Ice Harvest" with Billy Bob Thorton. One of the village's most favorite restaurants was "converted" into a strip joint overnight which had residents fuming! For about 3-4 days people had to be told it was temporary.

Charles said...

wow...that is pretty cool. Had a slow day today. Hope your day is going good!

Maddog said...

Can I come up and visit Ryan Reynolds. He's very hot. In kind of take me home... I'll stop there.

Greg said...

Very Hollywood. I hope you went back to find out about the shower scenes with Mr. Reynolds and when/where they were being filmed.....

dit said...

How exciting! And yes, very Hollywood.

Laurie said...

I LOVE SITKA!!! I went there with
my hubby and son when my hubbys
sisters hubby was the president of
(the now closed) SHELDON JACKSON
COLLEGE back in 2005.

(I found your blog through Dit's)