Friday, May 09, 2008

Picking Out Appliances

Last night I spent close to an hour and half on the phone with a buddy of mine that is the king of handymen (I'd say queen but he's really too butch for that). He knows practically everything about picking out the right stuff for a house.

I've been in a bit of angst about the appliances. I knew I wanted stainless and the GE Profile series but there are still a billion models and options to choose from. I was in overload.

From the GE website, he helped me to find all the appliances I need. Remember this house comes with nothing! I need a fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer and a dryer. After our lengthy conversation I felt relieved in knowing what to get. The oven is still a bit of a problem. In order to fit any oven, we'll need to cut back the granite a bit; there's just no getting around it.

But here's the fridge I'm getting. Isn't it hot?

Alright that's pretty bad when you get excited over an appliance. Oh well. Simple things for simple minds I guess.'s the day. Closing at 11. Finally!


Faux Pas blog said...

Neat 'fridge! I've not seen that model. Is the freezer portion segmented into two parts? How did the closing go?

Glenn said...

Congrats on the closing. It's always exciting. And there's nothing wrong with getting excited over an appliance! I get a hard-on at the thought of installing a double wall oven!

Maddog said...

I hope the closing went well. Can't wait to see the before and after pictures. And with all these new appliances when are we all invited over for dinner?

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to put my fingerprints all over the refrigerator. Then we can say it's broken in.

dit said...

Ok, That is one of the most beautiful fridge's I have ever seen. That is an entertainers dream! Nice selection.