Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesday: Rick's Quick Recap

Rick's Nightstand: First Visual of the Morning

Yesterday I was up early...

Bandit had had an appointment last Wednesday to get his haircut but seeing I had been puking my guts up, I had to cancel. Yesterday was the reschedule day.

He was all excited to leave the house with me. Apparently he thought he was going work with me or something: Oh boy I get to leave the house with Daddy all dressed up. I finally get to see where he goes for 8-10 hours a day.

Well, when I got out to my car while Bandit was still excited I was none too happy. Apparently someone side swiped me. On the edge of my bumper was a scrape of silver paint along with about four inches of my paint removed from my bumper. Not sure if it was here in the complex or at the mall on Monday that it happened. The car beside me had no damage. It's not too bad - no dent just paint removed. I'm hoping it buffs out and the auto body shop can use some touch up paint. Regardless it's an inconvenience I'd rather do without.

Finally getting to the dog salon, I walked in and saw Bandit's groomer in an embrace with a sobbing lady. I felt funny walking into it but apparently the customer's dog had passed a way. The lady had just stopped in to tell June the news. After the lady left, June was visibly shaken. Come to find out, June had known the dog for 15 years both as her groomer and dog sitter. She was wiping tears from her eyes while writing up my slip. I was getting a little misty and didn't even know the dog. Bandit didn't care. He pissed on a bag of dry dog food. Hopefully she didn't notice.

Regardless, I'm thinking about firing her. Bandit used to have excellent groomer but she moved to a different location. This is the third time June's clipped Bandit and his tail is never done right. It looks like a bush. I explicitly told her to cut his tail short. This time she even wrote it down yet it still looks like a friggin' feather duster.

Bandit with Normal Tail (Former Groomer)

So that was the morning saga.

Work was work and let's just leave it at that.

Last weekend due to being sick and going to the game on Sunday, I never got around to going grocery shopping. So last night we went out to dinner at this Brazilian barbecue place, that is really good, and then headed to Hannafords. (I've given up auditioning cheaper stores.)

I spent $150! Well $25 of that was a gift certificate for my Mom but good Lord groceries have gone up. Then again I hadn't gone in about two weeks.

After doing all that I had to meet up with my broker to get one "final" (though I've heard this about ten times now) document signed in order to set the closing date on the new house. I'm hoping that it'll be this week (keep fingers crossed).

I DVR'd American Idol and watched it when I got home. Jason Castro, the Bob Marley/Bob Dylan wannabe, looked as a high as a kite. He has got to go! He was dreadful. My little David Archuleta, the elf, is so cute. He brought the house down. Knowing the craziness of American Idol voting, watch him be kicked off tonight. That show is beginning to lose its steam. One or two more seasons and I think it's over.

Well that's a quick recap. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hello (with bushy tail wagging in tow).


Anonymous said...

An intriguing recap to Tuesday. Poor Bandit. But perhaps he knew how he was supposed to look as well regarding his tail, and with the groomer's mistake he purposely "relieved himself?" ;-) It was interesting to note the book by Maupin that was on your nightstand. :-D

Charles said...

Poor Bandit! Hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow.

Maddog said...

I'm with you with American Idol. I've only seen the past couple of weeks since I've been trapped at home with the ankle. But Jason was out of it. Last night and tonight. Either of the David's could win and I would be happy.

dit said...

Ugh, what is with the universe? I got rear ended today! Such a pain.

How sad for the lady who lost her friend. I feel your frustration with groomers. Sometimes they do a great job and others, well, not so much. Try a new one, why not? Give it a go.

I agree, Groceries have sky rocketed. Some things I have noticed up to $2.00 an item. But buck up, its a small price to pay for FREEDOM! lol

Hope you are having a good day.