Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Water and an Old Straw Hat

Well, my neck still hurts. I never did findtime to get to the chiropractor yesterday. Last night I took two Tylenol PMs to help with the pain. I slept good but my neck was worse when I woke up. Throughout the day the crick seems to work its way out. It's when I sleep that it really tightens up.

Yesterday's lunch hour (or two) was busy. I had a bunch of things to get done at the house and only a short amount of time in which to do them. I had the city come by for noon to turn the water on. That wasn't a problem - thank God. I was beginning to disaster-ize things in my head thinking there was some terrible problem with the water main or thousands of dollars in back water bills that the previous owner neglected to pay and that my lawyer neglected to find. But all went well. My plumber-buddy was there and turned on the rest of the house. So I can now pee in my own place.

I also had a painter come by. He's a cute little Puerto Rican guy who barely speaks English. We cut a deal and I hired him on the spot: "You no want me start 'morrow?" He'll be painting the master suite a soft yellow - Old Straw Hat is the name. Then he will start downstairs - room by room.

Then Rob, another friend of mine, swung by to say hello. He wanted to check out the place. He's a professional landscaper so gave me some pointers for the yard. He was impressed with some of the perennials and trees planted.

With all that I never got to go by the Volvo dealer to have them check out the front-end noise. I'm going to drop it by this morning and just let them have it for the day.

Well, the house is beginning to come together. On Thursday I have two more contractors starting. There's a lot to be done in just a little amount of time. We were looking at getting out of the apartment for May 31st. I think we're off by a week or two.

We'll see.


Creative Thinker said...

You just need me to come up there and massage your neck for you...

dit said...

So much exciting and new stuff. Just reading about it puts a smile on my face.

I hope your neck and your Volvo get better.

Maddog said...

I think a trip to the chiropractor is a great idea. I haven't had any trouble with my back after one visit. Knock on wood.