Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where Has Our New Millenium Gone?

"I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and...You're so Vain."

This morning I woke up with Carly Simon singing. It's been awhile since I arouse with a ditty in my head.

Arouse with a ditty in my head? That sounds pornographic.

Waking up with songs going through me is usually a sign of creativity to come, or perhaps it's just exhaustion.

I suppose worse songs could be in my head -- Rhinna's Umbrella! Am I the only one that hates that song? It's so 2007.

Speaking of such...

I was watching "I Love the 70s" on VH1 last night. I stayed up late. It was 1979 and they had a snippet from "The Rose", my favorite movie. I had to stay up late (10:45pm) to watch it. Yet half way through the show I noticed that they were promoting a new "I Love the New Millenium" series. We're not even done with our decade and they're starting on the 00s?

Can you believe it's already been eight years since our new century began? Where in God's good name has time gone by? Let alone the fact the nearly half of 2008 is over.

Alright, enough of that. Jesus Rick. You sound like your mother complaining about the good old days.

It's tough being forty-something. The older I get the more I look like my Dad and act like my Mom. Well, that's not a terrible thing I suppose.

So what else is going on. My friend Phyllis, you know Patsy from AbFab, is coming home in July. Unfortunately I don't have much time off to be with her. This summer is going to be busy at work. I need to get a lot done over the next couple of months. Balls to the walls again.

I love that expression.

I believe this morning's ditty is eluding to the fact that I need to get back into my novel. Prior to the move, I began re-reviewing it. I'm such a control-freak I'm only on version 21 or something like that. Seriously. Now that I'm settled into my new place I can resume with life. Carly Simon reminds me of my main character Carolyn, a tall gawky horse-teethed yet pretty in her own way singer/actress in her early 30s toying with the idea of leaving the entertainment industry.

Oh, back to looking like my father and of cresting the millennium: This Sunday, I'm doing the Cancer Walk again. Recall my Dad died of cancer back in 2000. If you care to see a picture of him and me, when I was a little half-pint, click here. Also, while you're there slapping down a secure donation of a few bucks would help ease the life of a cancer patient. Due to a late start in requesting donations, I'm way short of my goal. Oh well...every little bit counts.

Over and out...


P.S. Bandit's says hello. He wanted me to mention that he's on antibiotics for a bladder infection. Bloody urine. Yuck!


dit said...

Like you, I have no idea where this Millenium has gone. It really has flown by in many ways.

What a great photo of you and your Dad. You look adorable, as you still do. I am sorry to hear you lost him to cancer.

What an angel you are to walk also. 8-)

Maddog said...

It always amazed me how the older I get the faster time goes. I was thinking tonight that it's only been five years since I was 22 and in fact it's been 21. Really?

I dropped by your page to see you and your dad. It's a great photo by the way.

dit said...

Understand you are busy with life, however . . . . side bar , - I am tagging you. lol. If you have not already been tagged. that is. Hope you are well.

Sh@ney said...

Ahhh Hi Good Looking!
So you have been busy of late prancing around the media...*winks*
OK maybe not prancing, but you seem to be getting more than your 15 minutes - Yeeha!.
I agree the past 8 years have slipped by, I wish I could have some of them back too!
Luckily for me I dont and will never look like my Dad, but I do sound like my Mother. LOL

Hope your doing swell and give Bandit a big hug and I hope he is healthy again real soon!