Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog Entry # 1

Well here I am in my new home office, in my new (to me) home. Things are moving along nicely though I must say I'm tired of writing out checks. Yesterday I had to fork over nearly $300 to have the air conditioners serviced. It all adds up so quick but at least it was a cool sleep.


So here I sit writing my first official "morning" blog entry. (Sunday's didn't count because that was just an afternoon quickie.)

What the hell do I write about?

I have some pictures but have to upload them from the camera and that's such a pain in the ass, especially at 5:30 in the morning.

Oh, I know what I wanted to tell you. I'm going to be in the New York Times! Remember the article I wrote about gay marriage/divorce? Well, a journalist from the Times got a hold of it and thought the concept was well-suited for a piece she's doing on New York's recognition of California and Massachusetts' marriages. She interviewed me on the phone for about an hour last week and is coming up tonight with a photograph for a photo. Cool huh?

Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit would say hi but he's too busy sitting on the back porch contemplating how to get the squirrel next door.


"Just David!" said...

That would be way cool to be in the NY Times! congrats... and, comment 1 on blog post 1... yeah!!! ha!

"Just David!" said...

nevermind, that very well could have been comment 8!! ha!

Countess Bedelia said...

Congrats on the New York Times!! Let us know what issue.

Sounds like you are settling in to the new home. I didn't realize your apartment was at the complex that burned. My son's company building was right in back of that and there was some concern that the fire would spread over to the industrial park.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rick on this opportunity! Just remember to show those pearly whites and accept nothing less than $5,000. All kidding aside, I look forward to the follow-ups. On a side note, after checking that entry you wrote in 2006, it was disheartening to see comments from bloggers who aren't around "the neighborhood" anymore.

dit said...

How exciting! Congratulations. This quite an accomplishment. Job well done young man!

Maddog said...

Wow, a NY Times Article. That's great. You have to let us know when it's going to be published so that we can all buy one.

CJ said...

Congrats on the new digs. Looks spacious.
Glad you escaped the devasting fire.
Sweet dog you have. I'm sure he will love your new back yard.
Here via Str8 Up With A Twist.