Monday, June 23, 2008

Discovering New Coffee

I decided to try Peet's coffee.

I discovered a new grocery store not too far from the house. It's not a major chain; the store is small but sufficiently stocked but most importantly there was no line (none) to check out. Loved it!

Oh and the prices are not too bad either. I probably spent about $15 more than I usually do - some of their things were cheaper some not.

However, they didn't have Eight O'clock's Bokar blend (you've heard me rant on about that before) so instead I decided to try Peet's house-blend. It's $2.00 more than my Bokar but I like it!


Maddog said...

It's funny how particular people can be about their coffee. I only use Cafe blend from a coffee store in NYC called Porto Rico. I happened on it about 8 years ago and have been drinking it ever since. Even when I lived in San Diego I had it shipped to me.

dit said...

what a great find! Although, at the grocery near me. Often many hot guys just lurking about the vegetable section. lol