Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loving Bills and Laundry

Last night I finally got around to updating my check book and paying some bills. Call me crazy but I like doing this. Well not having bills but at least paying down/off the ones I have. I guess there's some sense of achievement I get.


I was able to get American Express to reverse $58 in finance charges. Last month I wasn't able to pay off my balance prior to the close date because of 1) the PayPal fraud and 2) the fire. Because of the fraud my bank had to reissue me a new account. I never got my new check book till the day my bill was due; besides my mail was delayed because of the fire. There was about a week where there was no mail delivered to the apartment complex. American Express completely understood and reversed all fees. I didn't even have to get into it. I had a big old song and dance prepared.

Alright...who cares? I don't even know why I write these silly things. Guess it was all I really had to share.

Boring life.

I could also tell you how I need to do a load of laundry before I leave for work this morning. Another thing I love to do.

My New Machines (Prior to Usage)


dit said...

Good for you for taking the time to get those fees removed. Hey, these days, 58 buck is half a tank of gas. lol

I am so bad, I never balance the check book, my better half does.

I too get a sense of accomplishment from having the laundry done. I still get a thrill out of using our own washer and dryer. Instead of the community ones we shared at the apartment complex.

Greg said...

YOu know, it's actually kind of nice to hear of a company like american Express actually taking into account the major events that recently happened. Usually, we only get to hear/read about the bad side of things. I'm glad they reversed the finance charges.

Maddog said...

I hate doing laundry, which is why I've paid someone else to do it for almost ten years. It's one of those expenses that are not negotiable like food and rent.

And speaking of expenses, I don't mind paying bills at all. When I have money. I hate it (like right now) when I don't have the money to pay everything. Luckily, I'll be out of this stupid ankle brace in about two weeks and life will go back to normal and all should be well.

Charles said...

I hate doing the laundry too. I guess that I'll just have to get it done. It won't be until sometime late in day tomorow. Glad to hear that you got your credit solved. I also got to write bills today.