Friday, June 13, 2008

Manual Labor Work Day

Today's an odd day. Through a volunteer committee I'm on at work we're doing our version of an Extreme Makeover (albeit on the lighter side) to a home in need in the local area. So instead of showing up to the office I'm arriving at a work site. How butch.

I wonder if Ty will be there?

I'll be doing landscaping. I need to pack a few gardening tools in the car before I leave.

After four hours of sweaty labor I need to go back to the office for some afternoon meetings. Hopefully my deodorant will still be working.


dit said...

How fun. I think we need photos of you in a tool belt. lol

Greg said...

Very butch indeed. And I agree with dit: where are the photos of you and that tool belt??

Charles said...

I think it's awesome that you were able to get out and do something for others.

Anonymous said...

I always loved working in landscape. My summer jobs during college were with the Park District where I and three others took care of landscaping the various beds throughout the parks. Made things pretty and I got a good tan. :-)