Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mowing the Lawn Sans Toolbelt

Here it is the weekend. I survived my first week back at work.


Actually, it really wasn't all that bad.

Yesterday's manual labor charity work (sorry guys the toolbelts were taken) was fun. It makes you feel good to help out others in need. These poor people are elderly, on oxygen and used to take so much pride in their yard. But because of their illnesses they can't take care of it and as a result has suffered years of neglect. We gave an entire makeover: painted the house, put in shrubbery, trees, mulch, painted the foundation, planted hundreds of perennials and other plants and more. We were there for two days straight. I just did one four hour shift.

Now to my house...

The other day I bought a lawn mower. In fact, it should be arriving any minute now. I got a used Honda. They're know for the reliable engine and aluminum casing so as not to rust. Plus Honda is a respectable name. However, they're not cheap. Brand new, this machine would go for $900. There was no way I was spending nearly a thousand dollars to cut the grass! So I found this place not too far from the office that specializes in outdoor equipment. They had a used top-of-the-line model for $300. I snagged it. Sure I could buy a brand new Yard Machine or Toro for about the same but I'm told Hondas, if taken care of properly, can last about 20 years. Besides my father-in-law (well practically) has one that we borrowed a couple of weeks ago. I loved it.

This afternoon I'll be mowing the lawn. How domestic.


Anonymous said...

Time to think of mowing patterns for the lawn. Every week alternate mowing the front yard diagonally. If it's a large front yard, mow it perpendicular to the street. ;-)

Countess Bedelia said...

Hey Rick, I just listened to your interview in The New York Times online. It is an excellent article about gay marriage and how it has affected the community.

Good sound like you are in an excellent place in your life today with your partner.

I know you screen your comments so you don't have to put this up if you aren't going to blog about the article since it includes your partner.

All the best,
The Countess

Maddog said...

You need to invest that 1,000 bucks in a really hot guy to mow your lawn. Tell him he needs to work shirtless and that you'll be happy to bring him glasses of lemonade. Oh I forgot, you're taken, but you could send him my way and I could make him lemonade.

dit said...

Yes, however, it is YOUR very own lawn and your very own mower. Sounds like a great mower.