Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too Much "After That"

It's 5:30 am. My sister's having a yard sale this morning. I'm heading over to help her set up in a few minutes.

After that, I've got to bring the Honda to the detailer for a 9:00 am appointment. Somehow this got scheduled last minute without my knowledge. Oh well...I suppose there's a few specks of dust that could be removed.

After that, it's over to the other house (rental) to power wash the deck for 10:00. Speaking of which reminds me I need to remember to borrow the power washer from my brother-in-law when I'm over there this morning.

We're having some work done on the rental house's porch so my contractor/handyman friend and his partner, also my friend, are coming by at 1:00 to give an estimate.

After that, we're hosting them back at this house for a cookout.

Somewhere in between all this I need to find time to stop and pick up some groceries and booze and shower off the power wash gook.

How did my day get so crazy?

Tomorrow's not much calmer. It's yard work day. The grass needs to be mowed and the yard needs to be weeded. This is usually a four to five hour ordeal.

Good Lord...maybe it'll rain and I'll get to relax. Then again, after that...

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