Thursday, July 24, 2008

Damp, Humid and Overdue

Here in New England it's been stormy and rainy the last couple of days. In fact, a water spout was spotted in Rhode Island yesterday. So there were tornado warnings throughout part of the day.

Despite the rain, it's been humid.

Despite the humidity, it's freezing inside the house (central air). I like a cool house. At night I can't sleep if it's too warm. The more blankets I need to cuddle with the better.

With the air cranking, I tend to forget how hot it is outside. Right now I'm wearing sweatpants, socks, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt - my favorite things to wear by the way. Even at five in the morning, when I go to let Bandit out the heat is overwhelming. I feel like a bum dressed in layers when it's 90 out. The neighbors probably think I'm a loon.

Oh well.

Bandit and I are trying out a new groomer today. I told you how I haven't been happy with the last couple of trimmings he received. Today we're going to PetSmart. He's so overdue for a haircut. And he needs a good bath. I let you know how we make out.

Speaking of overdue, I have to get to the library. I took out my blog friend Marc Acito's "How I Paid for College" about a month ago. It's very funny and entertaining but finding time to read has been a challenge for me these last few months: I have oodles of work stuff that I need to read in my "off-time" so cramming it all in leaves little time for fun. I read, for fun, about 10-15 minutes a night before the book crashes to my face and I fall asleep. Sorry, no offense Marc. I'll just go to Barnes and pick up my own copy. It's worth having anyway.

Well, speaking of work-stuff. It's that time of day. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit, even in his anticipation of meeting the new groomer, says hello.


dit said...

Ah Ha! We enjoy a cool house too. Especially at night.

Wild weather you have been having.

Hope you both like Bandits new stylist.

Take care.

"Just David!" said...

It's a killer here too! HOT!! Thanks for the tip for my next read!!

Anonymous said...

I saw news reports this morning of tornadoes in New England over night and I hope you were out of harm's way!