Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Folgers and Warren Buffet

Well here I sit sipping Folger's Lively Columbian. It's actually quite good. It has a robust little kick to it reminiscent of my Eight O'clock Bokar blend that I can't seem to find anymore. And it's cheaper than the Eight O'clock. Hmmm...my frugal little mind loves that.

So what's going on with me? Not a whole heck of a lot. Last night I worked late got home and had steak on the grill for dinner. By the time we cleaned up and what-not it was time for bed. Though I did manage to catch a bio of Warren Buffet on CNBC. Fascinating. One of the world's richest men and he's as humble as could be. The perfect balance between heart and financial strength.

Tonight we're heading out to what's become my favorite little restaurant. Very reasonable. For $18.99 you get dinner for two which includes a carafe of wine, cheese and crackers, bread and dessert. The entrees are always good. You can get steak tips, chicken or the daily special. I love when they have chicken parmigiana.

Hope you enjoyed Bandit's little foray into blogland. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit says hi and looks anxious to get back behind the laptop.

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dit said...

Hmm, interesting about the coffee. I typically buy Starbucks Arabian Mocha Sanani, it runs about 16 a pound. I love that coffee.

That is a great deal for dinner. It all sounds delicious. I love chicken parigiana too. 8-)

take care and have a great day.