Monday, July 21, 2008

In the Life of One Cell Phone

The other day I decided to go through the pictures on my cell phone. Some have been there forever. The camera on my phone isn't the best. I'm partially to the free (remember I'm frugal) replacement phones through Verizon Wireless but it does the job. I thought I'd share the results.

For dinner this past Saturday, we went to The Landing in Marblehead, Massachusetts which is an elegant restaurant right on the water. We had a great seat on the deck overlooking the harbor. The food was fabulous and the presentation of my Lobster Basilico - a lobster with the meat already taken out and blended on a bed of homemade fussili mixed with basil and garlic - was so beautiful I just had to take a picture:

Lobster Basilico at The Landing in Marblehead

This next picture is rather traumatic. You remember when my apartment complex caught on fire. Well after managing to break through the police barricade and get into my apartment to save Bandit, this is what I saw of the next door building:

Apartment Complex Up in Smoke

Taken from My Apartment Down the Hill

The above pictures were taken about 45 minutes after the fire broke out. It later burnt to the ground. Luckily no people were killed. Unfortunately a few pets were lost.

As you can sort of tell from the angle, my apartment was down the hill from it. So guess where all the run off water went that the firemen used to put it out?

Anyway, it's in the past. At least we're safe and not too much was lost.

These next two pictures aren't very good, quality wise, but they're both of birds taken at separate times. The first I took at a Dunkin Donuts drive through. It's a wild turkey pecking at the grass. I found him cute so managed to snap a picture. As far as I know he avoided wobbling out into the busy street.

Wild Turkey Getting Take Out

This next bird was so amazing and unusual I just had to capture it on my phone. I have no idea what kind of bird it was. I was at my grandmother's cemetery, a beautiful park like setting, in Salem when I saw it. Any of you nature lovers have a clue?

Peacock-like Bird Visiting the Dead

It's not really noticeable but the bird had a long tail like thing that came off its head. Unfortunately the head-dress was down when I took the picture but while it was walking around the pond the head-tail was up almost reminiscent of a peacock. I got out to get a better picture but he flew away.

A couple of weeks ago when we were up in New Hampshire, the ten year old that we were with used my cell phone to capture this next picture. It was taken while we were eating dinner. Out table had a great view of the mountains with the hotel's sign in the forefront. She used some feature on my phone that I didn't even know I had (leave it to kids to figure it out) that gave the picture a reverse exposure like quality. I thought it was rather artistic so figured I'd share:

A Ten Year Old's Artistic Representation of New Hampshire

The next is grainy but cute. This was back at the apartment. Chris had wrapped Bandit up like a little papoose, all snug in my favorite quilt. He looked so cute. The picture doesn't do it justice, especially since Bandit's eyes look demonic but you get the gist:

Banditto the Little Papoose

It's funny the things in which you use your cell phone. Before cell phones, when shopping I'd jot down prices on a notepad, if I had one. Now I use it to capture images of things I'm thinking of buying. I never did get around to getting these:

The Flat Screen TV That Sits Perfectly Inside My Armoire

The Couch I Later Decide Against

Well that's about all I have to share for now. I'll keep snapping here and there and post again some other time.


Anonymous said...

That Lobster Basilico looks delish! And I'm glad you decided against the couch. ;-)

dit said...

That lobster looks so yummy! Some interesting photos. I love the ones of the Turkey and other bird.

Kids find the craziest features on my phone too.

Bandit is adorable.

Rick said...

Okay, the couch does look kinda nasty in this picture. The lighting makes it look worse than it actually was. The print is a little difficult to make out here but it had some interesting colors and patterns.

"Just David!" said...

very wise decision on that couch!

Charles said...

Rick, your mystery bird is a Black crowned night heron ( Nycticorax nycticorax ). I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to id it. By the way, I think it is one of my favorite heron species.

Maddog said...

I carry my digital camera everywhere and then forget to use it. Maybe I need to start documenting my day like you do.

tornwordo said...

That's a wild looking bird, I don't think I've ever seen that before.

TankMontreal said...

Thanks heavens about the couch. We were about to revoke your gay card.