Friday, July 18, 2008

Rick's Still Recharged / Bandit Falls Down the Stairs

Ahhh! I slept really well last night. So I'm doubly-recharged (prior night I slept well too).

My 4.5 hr meeting yesterday went very well. We hammered through a ton of stuff. We have another 4 hour follow up session this morning. I'm hoping to get through all that is needed so we don't have to meet next week. Besides I need time to compile all we've done and get with others to begin designing solutions.


Bandit fell down the stairs the other night. He's fine.

We cleaned the hardwood floors using Murphy's Oil Soap Wood Cleaner and "Polish". Well you shouldn't use it on stair treads. Now when I walk down the stairs in socks my feet nearly fly out from under me. So Bandit was running up the stairs to come to bed when he lost his traction and wound up sliding all the way down landing on his back at the bottom.

Poor thing.


Greg said...

Poor Bandit!! I hope he's doing okay and will take the stairs a little slower next time.

dit said...

Hope your meeting went well. Sorry to hear Bandit fell. Poor thing is right.

WOW! That is quite a job, scrubbing those floors. I bet the sparkle too.

Have an amazing weekend.

Charles said...

Glad to hear that Bandit is okay!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Bandit is doing OK. Glad to hear that Papa did not fall victim either. ;-)

Maddog said...

Thank god Bandit is okay. But since you are relaxing doing chores, perhaps you can stop by my apartment and Murphy's Oil my floors.