Monday, July 14, 2008

Sitting in Front of the TV Eating Upper Crust

Last night I ordered pizza from this place called The Upper Crust. They have a great variety of pizzas, mostly thin style. I got the Garden Veggie which had a nice mix of fresh vegetables including yellow peppers, one of my favorite vegetables. Aside from the $24 price tag (including tip), the only downside was it wasn't piping hot. The guy got lost trying to find the house plus we decided to eat our salads first (that we made...not included in the $24). I suppose I could have microwaved a couple slices but I was too hungry and lazy to do so. Lazy you might ask. It only takes 30 seconds.

Well I ate in front of the tv for the first time since moving in. For some reason, in the month and half I've been here I've watched very, very little television. Guess, I've been too busy. Besides the tv is on the second floor, kitchen and dining room on the first. It's not very convenient to lug up a pizza box, soda, napkins and then forgetting the pepper and needing to run back down.

I'd rather eat in the kitchen or dining room. Besides I believe it's healthier to eat without watching depressing news topics and mindless reality shows.

I sat in front of television for about an hour and can't tell you one thing I watched for more than 5 minutes. Flipping-fever I guess. Nothing piqued my curiosity.

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dit said...

sounds like a fun weekend. Pizza sounds yummy, too bad it wasn't hot.