Friday, July 11, 2008

Sump Pump Saga

I love my house but hate the fact that I need a sump pump. I have two, the main one and a battery back up. The battery one I had installed prior to moving in as a precaution. Good thing.

Last night after going out for Mexican at a cool little restaurant downtown, I came back and heard an alarm going off. It was the back up pump screaming it had been activated. I went down stairs and sure enough the main one had stopped working.

The problem is my house is built on top of an old river bed so the sump pump is always going on (at least a couple times a day).

Apparently it is warn out and had tripped the GFCI indicator on the outlet. There must be some sort of short inside that causes it to do so. After resetting the outlet the main pump went back on but then it wouldn't shut off. Oy!

This morning I woke up and it had tripped the outlet again. Now it's running.

I got to get my plumber out here to replace it.


Anonymous said...

Sump pumps and replacement..ARGH!! The last time my sump pump went out was the night before leaving for Florida. I barely made it to Homo Depot in time to purchase and install. I had about 2 hours sleep before the alarm clock went off. Hopefully yours is rectified soon!

greg brown said...

It's a lot of money but have the plumber install the industrial one that he can cement in the ground. It was the best $1500 I ever spent.

Greg said...

Ah, the joys of owning your own place. One day, I will get to experience all this. :)

dit said...

Oh my all this talk of machines. lol. You are so butch! I have no idea what a sump pump is. lol

Good luck in replacing it.

Vince said...

The best sump pump system on the market is the NexPump System. It calls & emails before a problem occurs, and pumps 5600 gallon per hour. I have one in my basement as a backup system so I have three pumps... one main and the NexPump hace two. It's awesome... I never have to worry abount flooding