Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Texting and Staining My Wool Pants

Now before you let your gutter-minds get off in the wrong direction a la the title of this post, let me explain...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cell phone pictures. I'm going to try and do that sort of post more often - a day in the life from my phone. Besides it's much more convenient to carry a cell phone around than it is a camera.

Speaking of cell phones, I'm thinking of getting a new one. My "new every two" with Verizon Wireless is nearly up. There are some pretty good phones out there now that have full keyboards which is very convenient for texting. Not that I text all that much anymore but when I do what a pain: "1... 2... H. 1... 2... E. 1 ... 2... 3... Y." Forget the punctuation and spelling it's too difficult to get it. Talk about perpetuating lazy grammar and poor spelling.

Okay so that's the texting. Here's the staining...

The other day at the Volvo dealer (another slow leak in my tire...let's not go there) I used the restroom. After doing my business, I went to wash my hands and the soap dispenser squirted three huge gobs of soap all over my nice wool dress pants. Of course adding water only made it worse. I figured I'd let it dry and see what happened. Didn't come out. So on the way into the office I stopped off at Walgreen's and bought some Shout Wipes. Mistake number two.

The Shout Wipes cleared away the soap but left even bigger stains. So now I have three dollar-pancake size stains on my left leg. I had to walk around the office all day like that. Oh to the dry cleaner this weekend.


dit said...

The odd thing for me is that now, I text more often than I actually talk on the phone. Crazy, no?

Oh my, I had something similar happen. When people would point and ask, I would say "what are you looking at my crotch for?"

They would get embarrassed and not mention it again. lol

Maddog said...

Sorry about your pants. Let's hope the cleaners can get them fixed up for you.

Let me know what phone you end up getting. My every two phone is up at the end of August and I to want a phone with a full keyboard. What I don't want is everything else that comes with it. I don't need music, photos, internet etc. The one I like (I browsed yesterday) has all the bells and whistles which seems a little much for what I need.

So I'll let you go first on this little quest.