Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Novel Grammar Farts

I found time to finish reading and marking up my book. Now I just need to circle back and make the revisions: typos, grammar-farts etc. Also there's a couple of chapters in the middle that I want to redo. I changed my mind on the placement of one of the characters and now the middle doesn't match with the ending.

What did people do before word processors? Could you imagine having to retype all 326 pages over again to make revisions. I don't think so. Then again if I knew I couldn't rewrite so easily I'd probably be more careful. But when I'm on a role I just like to write without having to worry about making it perfect. Otherwise I get all OCD on it.

My book takes place mostly in fictitious town in Maine, near Bar Harbor. I'm excited to be going up there next week - perfect timing to get fodder for some new material on those rewrites. I'll have to take the laptop.

I love Maine. There's something so tranquil about it. I've only been to the Bar Harbor area a couple of times but was so taken by it that it inspired me to set my novel there.

I don't blog too much about my book mostly because it's been gathering dust in the bottom of my file cabinet for so many years. I started it about seven years ago and during that time wrote it piecemeal: on the weekends, weeknights, early mornings and during vacations.

Now having finished the reread, I'm somewhat pleased. Once I make the changes I'll be happier with it.


Greg said...

I can still remember typing on the old Smith-Carona when I needed to get a paper done in high school and college. Thank goodness for these new fangled word processor thingies! Definitely makes editing that much easier.

And good luck with the revisions!!

savante said...

Then it's time to show some of your pals to get their takes on it! :)

dit said...

congratulations on working on your book. I've never been to Maine. I bet it is beautiful. Would a western guy like myself freeze to death? I guess we could always knock on Martha Srewart's door. lol

ok, being silly. Have a great trip, Take photos. I wanna see!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are really starting to progress now with the novel. I'm happy that you're able to still go forward with certain plots as you're doing it "piecemeal." It would be my luck that after reading a chapter a week later, I would all of a sudden not like the direction the writing was taking me and have to re-write.

Have you discussed selling the movie rights to Twenty-Century Fox yet?

Have a great time in Maine. I've been there only once as part of a "mobile workshop" while attending the APA Conference in Boston. It was beautiful.