Monday, August 18, 2008

Post Weekend

It's Monday morning and I could so use another day off but in two more weeks I'm on vacation.

I'm going to spend some time up in Maine where my novel takes place. It'll be good to rest, relax and get a little inspiration for my writing of which I've been neglectful. I started rewrites of it about a month ago but have failed to get back into it.

I've got too much going on.

Aside from projects at the office, I'm taking a self-study course for certification. I'm behind and really need to spend time on it this week. The material is so dry and dull. I usually stay late or go into the office on a Sunday or something to do it.

This coming weekend is packed. We're watching the kids and then have a birthday party on Sunday.

Speaking of which...

Yesterday was my brother-in-laws' 60th birthday party. I got him a Lowe's gift card. I figured they're always handy. He could use it to get some stuff for his new kitchen or just projects around the house. The party was fun. There were a ton of people there. I wanted to get home around 6 for Bandit yet wound up staying till 9:30! Poor Bandit was starving when I got home. I'm such a neglectful parent.


Anonymous said...

Poor Bandit. But at least you had fun. Here's to vacation in two weeks. I hope your rain has died off so that August is a bit more enjoyable for you! Have a fabu week!

Charles said...

I'm not ready to go back work. Wish I had 2 weeks of vacation yet to go.