Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I Need to Do

I'm sitting here thinking about things I need to do - meaning those things that are non-office related because work is the primary reason none of these are happening:

Lose about 10 pounds
. Some time last year I stopped exercising regularly. I could easily pick it back up. Well, maybe not so easily or I'd be doing it. Sure I've done a few bouts of "fitness bootcamp" with a personal trainer but those are six intense weeks. After that I'm too tired to workout. I walk Bandit but even that has cut back from the early days. He's getting older and tires out sooner. I used to take him for an hour long hike nearly everyday. Now we're both lucky if we get 20 minutes. While it may be exercise for him, the constant stopping to water every blade of grass does nothing for my spare tire.

Send out a couple of cards
. There were some people that were very generous to us when we moved in and while I've thanked them profusely it's always nice to formally do it in writing. I have the cards - somewhere - now just need to find it, write and mail.

Mow the lawn. This is one of those never ending sagas. With all the rain, it's practically up to my knees.

No Parking. There's a section of my property that's a bit out of the way from my house and actually if one didn't know any better would assume that it belongs to the house next door. I need to do something about it so that I don't have to leave nasty notes on car windows. Plus the house I'm talking about will be getting new tenants next month and I don't want them thinking they can have their guests park their willy-nilly. (Willy nilly? Who in the hell came up with that phrase anyway?)

Stain the porch. I had the back porch boards replaced for they were all warped. Now I just need to power wash, stain and treat it before the bad weather hits.

Make edits to my book
. I'm almost done reading (for the gazzilionth time) my novel. I've marked up some edits and there are a few sections that I want to totally write over.

Pilot investment program
. I staggered upon this interesting site called It's the eBay of lending. You can either go there for a loan or be a loaner. I'm thinking of doing the later. Sure it's risky but you can start with $50 which I have funded but just need to take the next step and loan out some money. It's a pilot worth looking into.

New Blog
. Yeah, I've been toying with the idea of starting up a new blog. Not one to replace this one but another for restaurant reviews. I figured I'd keep it local and write little reviews of meals I had at some of the North Shore's restaurants. I'd be the gay phantom gourmet of the North Shore.

Anyway, one other thing I need to do: shower and get ready for work. It's Friday. Yipee!!!


Will said...

I have no proof, but I assume willy-nilly comes from the Victorian 19th century which had a lot of nonsense and rhyming names for familiar things: bric-a-brac, what-not shelves, nick-nacks, hubble-bubble (a water pipe or bong to us), etc., etc.

You've made Bandit so very real for us that it made me sad to read the line that he's getting old and can only do a 20 minute walk. OK, he probably has several good years left, but I've come to love the little guy and never want anything bad to happen to him

Andrew said...

Hi Rick - Andrew from Prosper here. We're glad you're considering becoming a lender on Prosper, and although starting with $50 seems like a low-risk way to get started, you'll only be able to get one loan for $50, and as a result, your return will be incredibly volatile (since it's pretty much all-or-nothing). Diversification is key.

For what it's worth, if you're trying to keep the investment small, you should start with at least $500, which will give you 10 loans. $1,500 is better, and lets you achieve basic diversification (30 loans), but 10 will at least get you started so you can see how things work. My other advice would be to start slow... we just had a great blog post about how to start lending slowly the other day. Best of luck!