Friday, August 08, 2008

Those Laundry Days

The older I get the more obsessive I become about stuff. Take laundry for instance.

I fold the towels taking great care to make sure they are very neat and tidy. Socks, matched and evenly folded over and clamped together at the top.

I have a thing with laundry. For my colors, I make sure that just the right amount of Tide with ColorSafe Bleach and April Fresh Downy go into the mix. When I'm doing my whites I'll sometimes add an extra splash of Clorox specialty brand bleach. It's a recipe I learned in college and haven't altered much.

My friend Deb got me into it. We met in the laundromat back in '92. Me having had my Mom to do most of my laundry needed help. Deb taught me well.

Sixteen years later and I'm still obsessing about my laundry.

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peter said...

The only thing you could do is use less of the products, I've halved my soap products and still my clothes come out clean. When you halve them, you don't need a 'downy' product, which btw is very water polluting.

Advise from one laundry person [geek] to another.