Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's Going On...

Have a half day today but going in early and probably work from home in the afternoon. What kind of day off is that.

Had a great night spending time with an 80 year old woman that looks 50 and has more energy than I do. Her secret: vitamins and enjoying life. She takes about 14 different vitamins ranging from a multi, to B12 to CoQ10 to magnesium. She's been doing it for 40 years. So I think I'm going to up my supplement intake.

Last night I slept with the windows opened. The air conditioner bill for last month came in: $250! Besides the breeze and 50 degree night felt great.

I am down to the last grinds of my Bokar Blend coffee. Good news though I found out the Stop & Shop in the next town over carries it. Maybe in between today's security guy and the chimney sweeper I'll fit in a little grocery shopping.

Yesterday I ate chinese food for dinner. It was good but feel yucky for eating it. I need to start eating better.

Bandit has a couple of rashes on his belly that he keeps scratching. I also noticed a couple of bumps on his back. What do you think it is?

Looking forward to the fall. I love the cool crisp air.

I need to book a trip down to see my mother. Thinking maybe early next year to spend a few days down there. Also, maybe be going to the west coast of Florida in April. God, why are all my vacations in Florida? I want to go to Europe.

Looking forward to going to Maine in a few weeks. It'll be nice. We're only spending a few days up there but have the whole week off so I'll get to putz around here too. Maybe I'll take the ferry down to Provincetown. I haven't been down there in over three years.

The house next door to me is deep in renovations. I'm glad. It needed it. Plus it'll bring the value of my home up.

How's that for an all around update?


savante said...

A holiday in Maine! Make sure you take pictures.

peter said...

Ask your Mom to move to Europe, then you can go to Europe too, it's so easy... [said, alas not done]

Naked Boy said...

You have to cut the chinese food and coffee out if you want to look younger. For an instant "face lift" eat salmon three days in a row.

Charles said...

Hmm...wish I could help on Bandit's rash and the bumps. How did everythign go today? Hope your day was good.

"Just David!" said...

My older friend also in her 80's does that, I think she's trying to live forever.

Anonymous said...

I'll take my multi-vitamin, but I won't think of taking anything else. I already have too many pills to take and inhalers to use to fend off my sinusitis. $250 electric bill? Maybe it was from all the equipment you're using renovating the house? ;-) I have a heart attack when my bill is over $80.