Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where It Goes

Sometimes it helps to think about where the money goes. So I figured I'd keep a daily journal of what it is I spend money on. In reverse order, here's a tally of the last few things I bought...

Groceries. Last night I dropped about $65 at the local market. We're hosting the kids for the weekend and of course they need chocolate milk, pancakes, ice cream and the fixings for sundaes. And while we were there we needed to pick up a few things for next week.

Friday's Dinner
. $18.10 to be exact. I got calamari which I love as an appetizer but realized after chewing on an entire vat of them, I don't like them for my meal. Also bought C his fried flounder that he likes. We split an order of onion rings and two bottled waters.

Lunch in the Cafe. $5. Two slices of pizza and a Diet Dr. Pepper from the cafe at work. Breakfast consisted of a protein bar that I brought from home so I'll consider that free.

ATM Withdrawal
. Of course to get the $5 pizza above I needed to use the ATM. $45 later I headed to the counter to order my vegetable and pepperoni slices.

Gas. On the way home from work Thursday I was driving on fumes. $58 later I was pulling out of the gas station.

Iced Coffee. For lunch on Thursday I brought a sandwich from home but in the afternoon had to run out and buy a Dunkin Donuts medium iced, a little on the dark side with two splenda. $2.67.

Wednesday's Dinner
. Out again. This time to the local watering hole for a grand tally of $48. This time was my treat. Two meatloaf dinners, gin and tonics, salads, an appetizer and an excellent tip.

Chimney Sweeping. On Wednesday afternoon, I shelled out $159 to have the chimney cleaned. Of course this doesn't count my time sitting around the house waiting for him to show up.

Tuesday's Dinner
. Out once more for Chinese food with the guests (which I wrote about earlier this week). $7 pretty cheap. We split an entree.

Target. At lunch, which on this day I brought from home, I headed over to the mall to pick up a few things. I was out of my facial products: I love Garnier moisturizer and their daily exfoliating wash. Then there were the crackers I needed for the guests that I was entertaining that evening. And I was out of fish oil - I take 2,400 mg a day - as well as some other odds and ends. Grand total $43.

Let's see this brings me back to Monday. I think that day was a freebie. And let's put aside last weekend's expenses: two cookouts including trips to Costco, gas and birthday gifts. Oh and sunscreen at CVS for $11.

This is depressing. This weekend has barely started and I've already shelled out $450 in 5 days and that doesn't include the bills I sent out: cable and Mom's monthly stipend.

I think a diet both physically and financially is in order. All this money on food! No wonder I've gained 10 pounds.


"Just David!" said...

I never pay that much attention, I just know when the bank account starts running low, I need to earn some more! Ha!

drshake said...


My impression is: you need a budget. LOL

tornwordo said...

The key to eating out often without breaking the bank is limiting the dining out to BREAKFAST. Just my two cents.

Tom said...

I have been going throught the same issues... Where the fuck DOES it sll go? I am quite frugal and yet here I am again, in the middle of my work week... with no available funds!

Good luck from VA


Anonymous said...

I recall doing this with a ledger I kept on my refrigerator in the early 90's. When I started doing that, I think I lost 10 pounds; not from cutting back on eating out at restaurants, but cutting back on groceries bought. ;-)