Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bandit Talks: A Rambling of Alphabet Soup

Welcome back to Bandit Talks! I thought with today's post I'd give you a little creative context by of a cup of soup:

B - een very busy at work lately. Too busy. But I've talked about this already. By now, of course, you've already read yesterday's post about me waking up in the middle of the night with requirement documentation, booked calendars and e-mails flying through my head. I lead a very busy life but of course still find time (usually in the wee hours of the morning) to post my rambling thoughts here on Bandit Talks.

A - blog about a gay guy, his frenetic Cairn Terrier (yes, that's the Toto breed) named Bandit and their little life along Boston's North Shore. Bandit occasionally writes guest posts that is when he manages to break into my laptop.

N - o liberal bullshit! And no conservative small minds. I'm a registered Independent and tend to be a bit conservative, especially in regard to fiscal matters. This gets me into a lot of trouble with my gay brethren but I like to think differences of opinions and diversity makes the world go round. No big government by way of excessive hand me outs, taxes and special privileges.

D - anger Will Robinson! Okay, so I'm showing my age. I'll be 42 on Monday. Oy!

I - am an American Idol fan. Of course, you've read about my prior fascination with Ryan Seacrest. (He was nearly my gay husband.) I've since moved on and am beginning to move off my fascination with this show. I hardly ever watch tv.

T - oo much television is not good. Instead I have too much Internet usage. We all have our faults.

T - oo many "T's". It'll be tough going for the Patriots this year without my want to be gay lover Tom Brady at the helm. But he's still got the looks; that's what's important!

A - new car has been developed by BMW that I'm excited about it. It's the BMW Hydrogen series. Not that I'm thinking about getting one, actually there not in full production yet, but I'm excited that a major automobile company is taking steps in the right direction. I know... I know Toyota and Honda and the like have the hybrids but this has the means to getting off fossil fuel.

L - ove to drink coffee. As we speak (well read and write), I'm already on my third cup.

K - nocking on the door is my preferred method of entry. My gay brethren know what I mean.

S - o much for this silly little post. Over and out...Rick


tornwordo said...

Seems like you're casting the first stone when you say "liberal bullshit". Spoken like a true well to do, white man. I'm fiscally conservative but I understand that some people do not have the same talents as you and I, nor the same opportunities, and therefore society meaning gov institutions (and we can't just leave this to religious organizations) must level the playing field.

Just my two cents. And you started it, lol.

"Just David!" said...

happy birthday and i agree with the last comment!! ha!

Anonymous said...

Great post and I LOVE the graphic! Regarding the "N" commentary, I consider myself a Republicrat - a little of both, but mostly fiscal as well from the Repub side.