Monday, September 01, 2008

Bandit's Off to Camp

My day off and I'm up at 4:15. That's fine with me. I like my mornings, my favorite time of day. But since you're an avid reader of Bandit Talks you already know that. a few hours I'll be off to Maine. First stop Portland, then onto Camden and finally Bar Harbor. It's a good six hour drive to get up there but we're taking slow so I don't mind.

Like dropping off a kid for camp, I packed up Bandit and shipped him off to my sister and brother-in-law's house last night. He was a little nervous but I'm sure he'll be fine.

Before going I gave him a bath. I think I mentioned that he had a couple of sores on his belly. Well they've been getting worse because he keeps scratching them. So I got him some medicated shampoo and anti-itch ointment. He seemed much more comfortable afterward. He doesn't have fleas or anything. I think it's the mosquitoes out in the backyard that bite him and then he scratches and makes them worse. I'll keep up with the baths and ointment if it doesn't get better I'll call the vet.

Well ta-ta for now.


Greg said...

Have a good time! I hope Bandit feels better, too.

dit said...

You are such a good Dad. I hope your trip is fantastic. Be safe.

Maddog said...

Of course you go to Portland the week before I get there. Have a great time.