Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have nothing to say. I tried writing this post a couple of times each entry bored me to tears. So I'll leave it at this:
  • Postponing Alaska till 2010. Perhaps the economy will start to come back then.
  • Had a wonderful angel hair and turkey meatball dinner last night. Yum!
  • The rain finally let up. Edwin began the front porch.
  • I'm hankering for a second cup of coffee.
  • Now I feel better (second cup in hand).
  • Slept well last night -- the cool air coming through the open windows was nice.
  • Worked yesterday.
  • Working today.
Okay enough boringness. You see? I told you.


Anonymous said...

You life doesn't seem boring to me. lol I think it resembles the life that many of us lead. Enjoy your coffee.

dit said...

Hmm, doesn't seem boring to me either. Seems fun, productive and calm.

Tom said...


Isn't it nice to have the windows open... We have had a few cooler days down here in VA too!

As for boring? Like my mamma used to say "Boring is what Boring does, Forrest"...

Slumps in energy and interest always give us that feeling. Get over it man!!!

Love ya