Friday, September 19, 2008

Mahogany Flame
I woke up this morning to the bedroom being a cool 63 degrees. No wonder I slept so well. Regardless of the weather, there's something about my internal body temperature that goes up in the middle of the night -- must be those geriatric dreams -- that sometimes wakes me up if the room is too warm, but not last night. I slept like a baby.

Today's temperatures aren't going to go much above 50. That's "cool" with me. I'm loving the fact that fall is coming.

The deck is coming along nicely. It's all sanded down and Edwin is ready to put on the stain. He brought a sample of the Brick Red that I mentioned yesterday. I hated it! It looked nothing like the swatch from the book and reminded of a picnic table; you know that terrible flat dark red. Yuck! I made him take it off, more sanding, and we're trying Mahogany Flame instead. Not only do I like the color I like the name, sort of reminds me of Diana Ross and her gay following.

Do you know were you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Do you know?

Well I'm glad it's Friday. This weekend I'm planning on laying low. I say this now but will probably wind up doing a million things. At some point I need to hang pictures. We have not put one picture on any of the walls and we've been living here almost four months. Also need to plan an open house. Too exhausting. I could list out a million things I should be doing like editing my book, painting the shed (maybe I'll hire Edwin) and what not but I just want to take it easy.

Gay Six Fags...I mean Flags is this weekend and while it would be a lot of fun, it's a long haul to get out there and will probably wind up being a $200 day by the time you factor gas, tickets, food and fun. I'd rather spend the money elsewhere.

Seeing that the state of the economy is shitting the bed my goal is to pay off the house. This requires a strict budget and good planning. I know... I know one still needs to have fun; I think I strike up a good balance. (Thank God blogging is free huh?)

Well, that's enough babbling for today. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit's back to scratching. I need to give him another medicated bath.


dit said...

IO love that film! Take my FREAKIN picture. when she screams that to Tony Perkins. Brilliant!

Rick said...

So gotta love it.

Alan Gay and Straight said...

I've spent so much on dog grooming stuff and the best thing I ever found were those "Body Washes" for people...they smell good too

Anonymous said...

That's the Diana Ross song our 8th grade class sung at our graduation ceremonies. I love a cool night's rest as well. It's the feeling of the hardwood floors on the feet that's a killer! Those must be some colorful walls to have not been adorned with pictures for the last four months.