Monday, September 29, 2008

My Weekend

Running late this morning, so this will have to be quick.

I had a good weekend. Saturday found a great new place for breakfast. It's called Omelette Headquarters in Beverly. Fantastic! I got a Farmer's Omelette which had all fresh vegetables, cheese and potato all mixed together.

After that headed off to do my typical Saturday errands: household products and grocery shopping. This time I went to Ocean State Job Lots, which is a discount place on the idea of Dollar Tree or Big Lots. They had decent stuff and good prices.

Afterward, we hung pictures. They're finally coming along. And went out to dinner at the Lyceum...another fantastic restaurant. The waiter was hot! And off to see Eagle Eye with Shia Lebouf. It was decent -- action packed and suspenseful.

Sunday was more of the same: Target, AC Moore and Micheal's. We bought two new pictures and a couple floral arrangements. I thought we had a ton of wall art but alas we needed more. We're still not done. The master bedroom needs more. I don't want to just throw any old thing up there. It takes time.


Maddog said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. Good to hear the house is coming along.

Hope you have been well.

Anonymous said...

And remember less is more. ;-) I remember staying at a host's house in Lansing, Michigan back in '87and the walls of their living room were hung, corner to corner, with frames.