Thursday, September 25, 2008

Songs for the New Depression II

So here it is Thursday. It's early in the morning (what else is new) and I'm huddled in a blanket, my cup of coffee and a box of tissues. My cold has gotten worse though I think it's on it's way out. (Please! I don't have time to be sick.)

I've been having nightmares about a new depression. I watched Bush's speech last night and was not comforted. Will this $700B bailout really help? I wrote about this doom and gloom when I first started blogging back in 2005.

Hopefully the bailout will avert financial disaster and the economy will stabilize. This bailout is either brilliant or a mess.

Wow, I just read that old post -- brought me back a few years. That was quintessential early BanditTalks: I can vividly remember writing in my bed nearly every morning. Times have changed, and for the better.

Hopefully both the economy and my cold will get better too.
Sometimes I think I know you,
sometimes I think I don't.
Sometimes I think we'll make it,
sometimes I think we won't.

Waiting on the wire,
and I'm ragged to the bone.
Mr. Rockefeller won't you
please pick up the phone?
Mr. Rockefeller by Bette Midler (1976)

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