Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's Going On and More Pictures from Maine

I have a bit of a baby cold. I say baby because it's at the stage of slightly annoying. I woke up at one this morning with that post-nasal drip irritating the back of my throat. I finally fell back to sleep and had weird dreams about kids playing baseball in a swamp. Go figure.

Thinking about going to Alaska. We looked at some packages over the weekend: fly into Vancouver and take a cruise through the Inside Passage, back to Vancouver and then down to Seattle for a couple of days. I've always wanted to do it. It's pricey. We're looking at May of next year or perhaps waiting till 2010. We'll see.

What else? Not much. Gave Bandit a bath last night. He's been scratching again. The porch is coming out real nice (a la Mahogany Flame). He should be done next week.

Other than that, here's a couple more pictures from Maine...

A Herbie Car - parked by a gas station outside of Rockland, Maine

Interesting Storefront in Camden, Maine

The Maples Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine

Quintessential Maine


lola1223 said...

I love your Blog!!! I have a terrier just like Bandit, same color!!! Her name is Bella. She lives with her dad but i try to see her as often as i can. She also itches alot at this time of year. Her vet has said it's "seasonal allergies" and usually puts her on a prednisone taper. She hasn't gotten to bad with the itching yet. I did buy some medicated shampoo and bathed her with it. I think it made her more itchy. I feel so bad for her but the prednisone makes her drink excessively and act even more wacky than usual. Please post more pics of Bandit!!! your devoted reader, lola

tornwordo said...

You'll get a great price on the cruise if you use cruisecompete.com to get quotes. I think vacationcompare.com works the same way but I've never tried it. Now I want to go too.

Anonymous said...

Say, "Hi" to Tina, er, Sarah Palin for me when you visit. Hopefully she'll still be in Alaska when you travel there and not in D.C.

Glad to hear that things are moving along with the porch. Thanks for sharing the photos too.