Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

Today the office is closed for Columbus Day. However, I've been up since 4:00 this morning writing documentation for a meeting I have tomorrow. It's now 9 am. I figured I could use a little break and do some blogging.

Oy early in the morning and I'm already tired. So what did I do this weekend? It was spent working and doing errands - nothing really exciting.

I gave Bandit a bath on Friday night. He smelled like dirty socks. I also heated up a frozen pizza for dinner.

Saturday I worked in the morning and then did some grocery shopping and running around for errands in the afternoon. Saturday night we had a fire in the fireplace and made a New England Boiled dinner with cabbage, potatoes, turnips, carrots and roast pork. It was delicious.

Yesterday during the day was about the same as Saturday - more work, more errands. In the afternoon I went over to the "in-laws" for lunch - stir fried pork. It wasn't very good. We came home and heated up left overs.

And today you already know about the details. So that's about it. I know...busy but kind of boring.


Maddog said...

Hope you were able to enjoy a little bit of your day off. You deserve to have a little me time.

Anonymous said...

Yours truly, who works in the public sector, surprisingly didn't have the day off. Which meant the phone rarely rang and allowed me to get a lot of work done. Weeeeee!!! Hope the rest of the day was just as productive for you!