Thursday, October 09, 2008


Here's a little hodgepodge of updates:
  • Fall is in the air, the nights are cool...great for sleeping. The last few days I've been turning the heat on to take the chill out but today I figured what the hell; I'll just throw on a sweatshirt. It was warm enough.

  • I got my electric bill the other day. Without needing the air conditioners, it was cut in half. That's a nice little savings. Sure the heating bills will start to go up but that's life - hopefully heating costs will go down. Yesterday gas was $2.99-$3.09 in places around here. I guess there are some benefits to a bad economy.

  • On to more depressing stuff, I read an article last night that worried me about the mortgage back securities crisis. They didn't come right out and say this but if you followed through on the logic...because of the credit default swaps the investors that own the security (the home) technically now have ownership. Therefore, they have the right to call for full payment of a mortgage. Could you imagine the consequences? If all of a sudden hundreds of mortgage companies wanted due the entire principal of thousands of mortgages regardless of your credit history? There would be little to no lenders willing to buy people out because of the depressed property values and lack of lending going on. Ugh, I don't even want to go there. Hopefully, that's what the bailout will prevent.

  • What else is going on? Work! Work...and more work. I have Monday off for Columbus Day which works out well because I have a huge meeting and report due on Tuesday. Guess what I'll be doing on my day off? Thank God for VPN connections.

  • I watched the town hall debates the other night. It wasn't really a town hall nor a debate. The questions were handpicked and there was no lively back and forth. It was actually pretty pathetic. Still I think McCain was stronger. I'm tired of Obama's rhetoric and lack of concrete plans.

  • Tonight I'm going to see ShowBoat at the North Shore Music Theatre. It's gay night -- Out on the North Shore. All that means is there slightly more queens there than usual; you get free drinks after the show and get to meet the cast. We usually get one drink and leave just as the cast is coming in. I can't stay up that late and besides it's all so very clicky.

Speaking of Hodgepodge's, do any of you remember this show?

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Charles said...

I don't remember this show at all. Sorry Rick!