Monday, October 06, 2008

The House is Coming Together

It's been a long time since I posted pictures of the house. So I figured I'd insert a few photos as well as give a little update on my weekend.

Yesterday we used our fireplace for the first time. It was wonderful but I couldn't help but wonder what life would have been like say 150 years ago -- life without central heat. The fireplace warmed the great room right up but it required a bit of work -- a lot more than turning the dial to 70 and not worrying. Once we got it stoked it roared nicely.

Saturday night we finally got around to buying some fireplace tools, a wood holder and a couple bunches of wood so yesterday with C's parents over for dinner we figured we'd give it a whirl. The fireplace is huge with a nice hearth and unlike fireplaces I've had in the past this one isn't just for show. It really heats up the house.

I'm going to have a cord of wood delivered but wanted to test out usage first before ordering. Between 3 and 9pm I went through two bundles (maybe about 20 small logs) of firewood. Going forward we figure we'll use it on the weekends to take out the chill.

The second floor, where the great room is, doesn't get a ton of heat from either furnace. You can notice the temperature difference when coming up or down the stairs. The master bedroom, on the third floor, heats up nicely and the first floor (kitchen, dining room and formal living room) also heat up well but there is no thermostat on the second floor so this room, the office and the bedrooms are cooler. Maybe I can get a thermostat installed.

Bandit enjoyed himself. He loves having guests. Here he is with mouth open just before bursting into a howl of excitement. I call it his "a-woo's" from the sound he makes. He bursts into a ball of energy whenever there's some poor sap willing to play fetch with him -- that usually lasts an hour and a half.

This weekend I finally put the rest of my office together. I got a bookshelf at Target for $30! What a bargain. Midnight on Saturday I was unpacking and sorting through books and put some up. I still have a lot more but they are old and I hardly ever reference them so I put packed them away. You can also see my Archie collection -- old stuff I got off eBay.

I think I mentioned that last weekend we put up some pictures and decorations. Here's a smattering...

It's getting there. The front and back porches are finally finished (no photos yet). Next project is to install a couple of screen doors and checkout the second floor zoning.

As for the weekend, Saturday morning was spent in the office, the afternoon mowing the lawn and yesterday, before entertaining the guests, there was meeting a friend for breakfast, picking up the rent and grocery shopping. Here it is Monday again and it's off to work. I'm exhausted!


Sorted Lives said...

WOW!! You've done a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors used throughout and the white trim adds a nice finishing touch. Compliments also to the decor. Now you just need a large canvas painting of Bandit above the fireplace. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Superb! Really enjoyed the pix, thanks. Ah, you enjoy Lenox too. Haha Great job--nice digs.

Greg said...

Your place looks so warm and inviting! Nice work!!

savante said...

Love the red walls :) Always a sucker for red.

And the Archie collection is cute! A close-up!

Tom said...

Great colors!

Bandit is such a cutie too! I miss having dogs around and being able to do my own color "thing"...

Enjoyed the pics


Charles said... the pictures! Love the house, great job Rick!