Thursday, October 02, 2008

Poster Child of the Week

Do you ever have so much on your plate that you can't do a good job on any one thing? That you can't spend enough time on the task at hand to accomplish anything? You feel like everything you do is shit because everything you do is shit because you can't do it the right way?

Welcome to my world.

Okay, maybe it's a slight exaggeration and it's probably not perceived as bad as I make it out to be. I hope; I do tend to be my own worst enemy.

Regardless, this hasn't been the best of weeks. I'm trying my hardest to roll up my sleeves and get stuff done but not being able to be my best makes me feel inadequate and I hate feeling that way.

When I do have a few minutes at my desk. It's hard to concentrate and I literally don't know where to begin. I start prioritizing a list and before you know it I'm distracted by something else. I feel like this week's ADD poster child.

What's worse is that a lot of the things I need aren't necessarily coming from me. I need to get decisions and input from other people who are just as frazzled.

Is their any relief? The weekend? I'll be working from home. But then there's the yard that needs to be mowed, the bulbs that need to be planted, the dinner party.

I think this is why I blog. I have one little post to write -- short, succinct. I can accomplish it in a few minutes. It's complete, written well (at least I'd like to say) and I'm done.

Okay, enough bitching. I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

I hoipe it doesn't last long and that it is just a passiung "phase." Great graphic, BTW!

Anonymous said...

Rick, SLOW DOWN! Take at least 3 deep breaths every several hours and enjoy a 15 minute walk. The problems will fall away.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yup - I feel your pain