Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend End

What did I do this weekend? I was proud of myself. I didn't dial into the office once. Friday night I got home around 6:30 or so, read the paper and threw a frozen pizza in the oven. Had that for dinner with my favorite soda - Polar's Diet Orange. The soda was actually better than the pizza. Frozen pizza can be so disgusting.

Saturday slept in till about 8:00, followed by a jaunt of errands. Saturday are usually my day to get the household goods purchased. I bought Bandit some new food. The vet thinks his skin allergies could be from the cheap food I was buying. It's either that or the damp grass. Either way he's got new food (which will probably cost about $20 a week) and not allowed to stay out for extended periods of time, lying around on the wet grass.

JC Penney was having a sale on curtains. I am the worst curtain shopper, not because I don't know what I like but because I'm very particular and frugal. Throw another person's opinion into the mix and 9 times out of 10 we wind up in a stalemate walking out of the curtain shop with nothing. Well this time, within 10 minutes, we both fell in love with a set of cocoa chenille drapes. (Does that not sound gay or what?) They didn't have them in stock so we had to order them. They should be in on Wednesday.

Well of course one needs curtain rods in which to hang their cocoa chenilles. JC Penney was also having a sale on rods but at $85 - 150 a rod, even with the 20% off, I wasn't willing to bite. We found what we liked at Target, of all places. For about what we would have paid for one rod we got the three we needed.

Saturday night we had friends down and toured Salem's Haunted Happenings. We had a lot of fun followed by a nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

Yesterday was a non-automobile day. Both cars stayed in the garage. The weather was gorgeous. I spent the morning putting down fertilizer on the grass. That took a couple of hours.

After the lawn duty, I gave Bandit a bath in his new $40 shampoo. He hates taking baths but is so good about it. He'll just sit in the tub, soaking wet looking like his little world has come to an end. His favorite part is getting out! Then followed by gnawing at the towel and playing tug of war as I try to dry him.

Once he was towel dried, I took him for a long walk to let the sunshine dry the rest of him out. I forgot that the anti-histamine ($32...just thought I'd remind you of how expensive pet ownership can be) makes him tired. By the end of the walk he was dragging. I stopped off at his favorite cookie shop and bought him a treat.

Last night I spent a good portion of it making edits to my novel. I realized I just need to spend a solid week or two of doing nothing else but writing and it'll be complete - or as complete as complete can be. The problem is finding the time. An hour here and a couple of hours there just isn't enough. Perhaps over Christmas vacation I'll have more time to finish it.

So that was my weekend. Now it's off to the great big yonder known as the office. Over and out...


P.S. Bandit would say hi but he's napping away his anti-histamine. (Did I tell you that it cost $32?)


Maddog said...

I have a friend who's dog has food allergies and after many attempts started cooking his meals. She gets scrap meat from the local grocery store and then cooks it up like a stew. Then she freezes in plastic bags. It's a lot of work, but the allergies are gone.

peter said...

You treat yourself well so your little mate should betreated well too. [BTW, I thought Pedigree was not that cheap!]

Anonymous said...

$20 a week in dog food? Sounds like I need to buy MYSELF more food to eat. ;-) JCPenney has become more like JCDollar.

dit said...

That sounds like a wonderful time. Congratulations on finding the curtains. No easy task. Yes, you have heard, Target is the new Macys. lol

I like no auto days too. 8-)

Will said...

Cocoa Chenille would not be a bad drag queen name by any means!