Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holding Out Hope for Obama

I know haven't been the most supportive of our now President-elect Barack Hussein Obama and that in my good gay conscience I should have been during the election. After all, how could a gay man vote McCain? However, I'm beginning to feel the hope that Obama promised. For hope is really all we really have right now.

Years ago I predicted, right here on Bandit Talks, that around this time we would be in an economical spiral equivalent to or worse than the Depression of the 30s. I had hoped I was wrong. Recent events appear to prove my theory.

And it also appears that Obama may be the right person at the right time. Both fate and faith tend to direct us onto paths that one often needs. Take for example Obama's radio address: By 2010-11, his plan is to increase jobs by 2.5 million in areas of rebuilding roads and bridges, upgrading schools and building wind farms and alternative energy technologies.

Of course my question is with what resources? More government spending? Perhaps. And that's okay.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the funny gay ads.

Like you, I am "holding out hope" for a superb future.