Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Used to Be a Screaming Liberal!

I used to be a screaming liberal. Then I grew up. Looking to the government to take care of you is like living off your parents in your 40s. Go out! Get a job!

Things cost money; someone has to pay. And far be it the day I'm going to spend my hard earned money to allow some lazy duff the ability to sit around all day and eat bon-bons. Yes, even in today's America it happens: People cheat the system. I'm all for welfare for those that really needed it - the recently unemployed, the disabled. But why should I slave away at the office for the good of the lazy? In the Socialistic new world, I suppose I could then join the crowd and let the government pay for everything. Why not? But then there would be no one paying into the system and it would collapse.

Should we be like Sweden? Sure it's pretty and all but...

Sweden is the largest welfare state in the world. This is where entrepreneurs are treated like piranhas, the income tax rate is 55% (plus property, sales & excise pushing to around 70%) and their claim on wealth is a measure of their "wealth distribution" not on how much disposal income people have left to buy things.

Their claim on excellent unemployment rates and low homelessness is all a numbers game: Putting people into government housing and placing them in government jobs where they can take a year or more off with full pay. This is more welfare. But Sweden doesn't count those people into their reports.

People need to take responsibility for their lives. Socialism condones laziness.

The way I look at it, water streams down from the mountain. And entrepreneurs, not government, create mountains that feed the economy thus jobs for us little folk. Whether we like it or not there something to be said for creating an environment where businesses can thrive.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you don't have any elderly relatives in housing. If you did, then by your standards, you should throw them out of their homes. As for cheating the system, did you not marry so you could get health insurance for your ex?

Anonymous said...


If you have ever had the flu (the real one) like I have, you would run to the nearest vacine station for the flu shot. I worry for you.

hh (Is vacine spelled correctly?)

tornwordo said...

Well, you assume that everyone is built like you. Certain forms of welfare improve the overall quality of life of the entire population. This is not an abstract concept, it's fact. As a white man, things are certainly going to come easier for you. There's no way you can accidentally get knocked up and find yourself in a difficult situation. Should we punish the unwed pregnant woman, or help her and her offspring? I think that's a moral question.

I was pretty shocked when I moved up here and learned that maternity leave is one year at 70% of salary. But up here they find the US policy on maternity leave complete savagery. They find it appalling that 25% of Americans have no (unable to obtain/afford) health insurance. (It's appalling that it's a profit based industry but that's another story.) I hear what you're saying on principle, but I suspect you are out of touch with most people's reality. It seems quite often that these are the lines given by the wealthiest in our society. (You might not consider yourself rich, but I'd wager you're in the top 30%)In a way, the rich have a vested interest in keeping the system as it is since they have benefited the most from it.

(You knew I was going to go on and on. Too bad we don't live in the same town, we could have a lively dinner party!)

Rick said...

When will you ever see the error of your ways? Privileged white man? Hardly. I think I'd fair better as a black woman. I'd be able to take advantage of affirmative action.

(I'd take you up on the dinner invitation. I love people that have contrasting opinions.)

tornwordo said...

I think you just bought a car that cost more than I make in 2 years. Or is that a rich hubby you've got ; )

Rick said...

You've got me painted with the broad brush.

dit said...

In my opinion, it is difficult to have a system someone is not "working." Is it not human nature to find an easier way?

I do not at all condone laziness, actually, I am known as the "No excuses" guy. Still the question remains, is it possible to remove this trait?

How do we remove greed? Not all greed mind you, but the type of greed that required a 700 billion dollar bailout?

I am not sure a system exists that is not worked on some level. If we try and pay less taxes, in sense are we not working the system? Any ideas?

Simply a few thoughts.

"Just David!" said...

Let's hope you never get sick, lose your job or any of those things that happen and completely change someone's life, I'm not sure you could handle it!

Rick said...

David, you're right. That's why those programs are there. For those who truly need it. When we start pushing the envelope on what we need is the problem: "Obama's going to pay for my mortgage and put gas in my car." Is the quote I heard.

Anonymous said...


Now you're getting comments!