Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Getting to Feel a lot Like Winter

I've only worked out twice this week and I already feel ten times better. It's amazing how just a little - well, not exactly a little - exercise can change how you feel. My pants already feel a tiny bit looser and I have more energy.

Yesterday I was a tad late and missed the first five minutes (my alarm clock didn't go off). At 29 degrees going right into sit-ups and push-ups instead of aerobics didn't do too much for me "warming up". My hands were like icicles (not good for my Raynaud's.) Midway through even my bottled water was literally frozen.

That's cold!

This morning it was 61 degrees in my home office. The heat for this floor is controlled by the thermostat on the 3rd floor (the master suite) which was set to a comfortable 63 or 64 at night. For some reason the second floor is always colder than the rest of the house. I hate to crank the bedroom just to keep the second floor warm: I like sleeping in a cool room. I got a little space heater that is humming along right now as I type. Works well.

I've only done a tad of Christmas shopping. I can't believe it's only 4 weeks away and that next week is Thanksgiving! I'm behind by at least a week: Early this week I was looking at my calendar and upset with one of my co-workers for not forwarding me a meeting notice. I was looking at the wrong week: How could that meeting really be in December! Then yesterday I went to write the date down and instead of 11/19, I wrote 8/18. Wishful thinking.

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