Friday, November 14, 2008

Mad About Me

Argh! I slept like crap last night. Up at 2:30 and into the guest bedroom with a book (at least it's entertaining), back to bed at 4:30. No sleep. Up for the day at 5:30.

Thankfully I don't have too many meetings today. However, lots of work to do. Oh well. I can only do my best. I'm only one person.

This lack of sleep has me in a bit of a pissy mood - an I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude. From here on out I feel like everything should be about me. (Quiet you who think I'm already a self-centered egotistical privileged white man.) I sometimes feel like I do too much for others or am constantly worrying about others' needs. (I know. Strike up the violins!)

I don't know where this is coming from.

Now that I'm venting, what else can I gripe about.

I have a dull headache which is probably why I didn't sleep well. It's the sort of throb that only a good few hours of bed rest will alleviate - the type you get when you've been up all night cramming for a test. I hope a couple of Tylenol will kill it. Unfortunately, I'm out. I don't like aspirin or Aleve - all we have. Fortunately, we have Tylenol at the office. So much for calling in sick.

I'm starting back up with a personal trainer on Monday. Honestly, in terms of exercise, I've done next to nothing since the summer except for maybe throwing myself around the Common a couple of times in spasms meant to mirror jogging. I need to do something. I feel bloated, run down, anxious and now angry.

Maybe I'm PMS-ing.

Also next week at work kicks up a new project. Yeah for me (note sarcasm). A week in a closed-door conference room figuring out this and that whilst my other projects, e-mails and documentation back-up waiting for me to get to them after hours. But who's complaining. The economy is in the toilet. We're teetering on a depression, if we're not in one already. At least I have a job.


dit said...

Oh, you poor lamb. I hope you can get some sleep soon. No sleep completely throws me off.

what was it I heard oh yes . . . "The fundamentals of the economy are sound." that's it. lol But no one is buying anything and people are questioning if we will remain a 25% consumer driven ecomony. Oh, and don't worry your little head about the 14 banks that have closed this year.

anyway . . . lol Yes, you have the right spirit. We should all be thankful if we are working.Hopefully that will continue.

Naked Boy said...

That was me last night. Up at 1:30 am, getting a drink of water, peeing, trying to get back to sleep and then just getting up early for the rest of the day. I'll be in a mood all day and probably drop a weight on my head at the gym today out of exhaustion.

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Anonymous said...

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