Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On Obama

It's a new day. Obama has been elected President. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I want to be excited - everyone else is - but I'm concerned about capitalism going away for socialism and becoming a Marxist society.

Sure we've had 8 years of hell with "W". And not to defend the idiot - because I do think he is an idiot - but how much of it was really his fault? I know...I know I can hear the accusations: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. But there's so much more to it and it's so easy to blame the guy in charge as opposed to the situation(s) he was given.

Regardless I think there will be change. I just hope that it's the right change. For one thing I think we'll have immediate recognition and respect from across seas. That can only be good, at least for the short term. I just don't know how long that will buy us hope.

I don't mean to be a downer. I know 99% of the people that read my blog are liberal democrats so I don't wish to offend. And I guess giving the choice (McCain/Palin) this is as good as it gets.


peter said...

Just becoming a more social society doesn't make it Marxist,
the American people wouldn't allow that.

Change must grow and taking down barriers made by the previous government will take its time.

The GOP will try to make him and his ideas look foolish, a nation who stands behind its leaders can make a change.

Jeff said...

i guess were in the minority as fiscal conservatives :-(

Tom said...

I am not offended in any way... Without differences in philosophies there would never be a chance for change...

I looked at it from two points of view: Who do I prefer as POTUS, and which VP nominee would make the better POTUS should something happen... Sarah Palin made the choice there pretty easy...

Socialism and Marxism are fortunately, as different as capitalism and conservitism. We Americans have always found balance and will continue to going forward...

Hope you get your sleep schedule back!


Anonymous said...

I hope I am in that 1% of your readership that you refer to. Born and raised Republican but now I consider myself a "Republicrat." I will be paying close attention to see who Obama appoints to his staff and cabinet to see if there will be change or more of the same.

tornwordo said...

Please, Marxist? Let's stick to reality. I thought it was funny when the "we're going to end up like Sweden" argument was being thrown around. Hmmm, they rate higher on almost every measure of society. Happiness, wealth, equality, quality of life, safety, medical care etc. What is everyone so afraid of?

IMHO, gays have no business voting Republican. Unless they're self hating because the Republican platform is squarely against us.

And Iraq is a HUGE deal. We were lied to. We invaded a sovereign country. We killed thousands in the process and lost thousands of our own. Not to mention the $$. No fair brushing it aside that way.

Jeff, I'm fiscally conservative too, but that doesn't mean I'm going to vote to keep myself a second class citizen.

Steve S said...

The pendulum has to swing. Bush took us pretty far to the Right. While some Americans are doing well, looking at the news, a great many of the middle class is in a disasterous condition. 4 or 8 years of somebody Left won't bring about socialism, if anything it will just put things back in the middle. And then I bet the pendulum swings again.

That's how it seems to go.

Rick said...


Sweden is the largest welfare state in the world. This is where entrepreneurs are treated like piranhas, the income tax rate is 55% (plus property, sales & excise pushing to around 70%) and their claim on wealth is a measure of their "wealth distribution" not on how much disposal income people have left to buy things.

Their claim on unemployment and homelessness is all a numbers game: putting into government housing and placing them in jobs where they can take a year or more off with full pay. This does nothing but support lackluster laziness!

Rick said...

And as for gay people not voting for those that support us 1) I don't see Barack wearing a rainbow sticker and tooting gay marriage and 2) there are more important things in this world and in our country right now than supporting gays.

I'm not voting for someone JUST because they like me.

tornwordo said...

(I only write these comments because I used to say THE EXACT SAME LINES as you. I apologize in advance for my pushiness.)

Ah, it's laziness you hate. One of the traits of human nature. Nearly all of our technology is aimed at making things "easier" for us.

How is the cook who slaves away in a hot kitchen 40 hours a week for 30 years different from the guy who risks his money (perhaps earned and saved, perhaps inherited) to open a coffee shop, finds success and opens more so that he can really manage his coffee shops from his cell phone different? One will never be rich. That's the difference. And the lazier of the two (in the end) will be the richer. This is the flaw I see in the anti wealth distribution argument.

In America, the poor cook can't even afford health insurance and he works harder than most.

Sorry but that is a flawed and unfair system.

I spent a summer in Sweden. Awesome place. People gripe about taxes just like in the US.

Rick said...

Tornwordo - with all due respect I don't follow your logic. At least in America the man can open his coffee shops. Try doing that in Sweden.

Comparing the advancement of a washing machine to mass welfare is apples and bananas.

I would love to vacation in Sweden but I wouldn't want to live there.