Friday, November 28, 2008

What to Do When There are Too Many Pies to Choose From: Eat Them All

Yesterday I spent the day eating way too much. For my contribution to the Thanksgiving festivities, I had to bring two pies. I say "had to" because I couldn't decide which to bring.

During the last feast (I think it was one of the kid's birthdays), for Thanksgiving I had promised to bring one of D'Orsi's famous Tropical Fruit Pies. This pie is absolutely sinful -- light but sweet cream filling loaded on top with all fresh fruit: kiwi, strawberries, bananas, pineapple etc. I placed my order weeks ago. You have to place early because the line goes out the door the day before Thanksgiving. It's a small little bakery in Peabody with some of the most absolutely amazing pastries you could ever want. (Those Italians certainly know their stuff.)

All was fine. I was happy. I knew what I was bringing for Thanksgiving. I had my order placed. The world was good. Until...

The other day perusing the local newspaper, as I do each day, I saw this article on holiday pies with the most gorgeous pecan pie: the type with the pecans all the way through not mostly brown jelly crap with a handful of pecans. The recipe was included. "Like I'm really going to make this," I said to myself. The very next day I Googled the bakery - just out of curiosity.

"Oh, the phone number," I said. "Oh look my fingers are dialing. Hmm?"

"That'll be $24.50. What time would you like to pick it up?" The pleasantly speaking lady informed me.

While twenty-five bucks for a pie isn't cheap, I have to tell you it was worth every penny.

The place is called Cassis Bakery of Beverly. They are a high-end European pastry shop that was recently featured on the Phantom Gourmet, the local television food show. I have never eaten a pecan pie as delicious as this one.

Since paying nearly $50 for two desserts, I did something I don't usually do. I brought the rest home. I'm freezing the remainder of the pecan pie for my Christmas open house on the 20th. As for the Tropical Fruit pie, I don't think my personal trainer will be too happy with me on Monday when I tell her I had to eat the rest. It doesn't freeze well.


Anonymous said...

I only ate a pecan pie and it's interesting to note how many friends have opted to make pecan pies as well.

tornwordo said...

Now I want pie dangit. I hope the pie was big for that price ; )