Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 4 of My Vacation

Slept in again today...till 7:30! It felt great. Man, I've been sleeping well these past couple of days. I've had no anxious work dreams; although, I did have one work-related dream that because I was out one day I missed my boss passing out our 5th grade science books that we were now required to read. I was then behind a couple of chapters.

5th grade science book? Anyway...

Yesterday's Christmas was great. I got loads of stuff but Bandit was the most excited. We had to wait to put them all out till after he went outside to do his stuff when he came him his tail was going a mile a minute and he was howling and whimpering in anticipation.

Above he's at the left-hand bottom trying to sneak a peek and below on the right.


Above he's anxiously awaiting to see what's inside. Note the licking of his snout.

And above was his favorite present of all. I've mentioned before how he loves chasing after big balls (save the gay reference jokes). Well normally the cheap ones I get him last, at the most, a week. This time I figured I'd get one he can't readily sink his teeth into so I got him a child's size basketball. He loves it! He'll yelp and scream for someone to help him if it gets stuck between something and he can't make it roll on his own. In fact I had to lock it up in the closet because he was driving me crazy.


Peter said...

Rick, I think you couldn't sleep from the stress at work and now you've time on your hands and you sleep.
So when you start again, spread the workload, don't fit all in a day and do only one project at a time.

Anonymous said...

Lock up a loved one's Christmas gift??!! Oh how cruel!! ;-) Glad you had a great day!

Maddog said...

I'm glad Bandit had a great Christmas. Hope you did as well.