Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 6 of My Vacation

Lately I feel like my blog has become the cliched essay: What I did on my vacation. Oh well, at least I have a theme.

Yesterday. Let's see what did I do?

I woke up at 7:30 again (as I did today too). I'm enjoying this sleeping later thing. Now I know what's it's all cracked up to be. After making a pot of coffee I then wrote, paid the January bills and made out a grocery list.

After cleaning the house up a bit, we headed out to do grocery shopping. Remember how I fussed about picking a new grocery store when I first moved here? I'd write about traveling back to Hannaford because I enjoyed the "experience" and ample aisles; and I'd yak about how much I despised Market Basket yet appreciated the savings. Well, in the end I sucked it up and it all came done to price. I now shop with all the welfare recipients, elderly and non-English speaking citizens over at Market Basket. You just can't beat their prices. I average about $90 a week whereas the other stores that I tried were easily over a $100 each trip. Hannaford would be about $125-150 a week. Now I do my weekly shopping at Market Basket and about once a month load up at BJ's for the bulk items like meats, paper towels and the like.

Do you really care? I can't believe I'm writing an entire blog about this. Good God I've relinquished to writing essays on food shopping.

Anyway, onto more ho-hum...

So after the foray into welfare-land we stopped off at Kappy's to bulk buy our wine. We go their to pick up a case because the prices are so reasonable. A case will usually lasts us the weekend. No! I'm kidding. It'll last at least a couple of hours. We picked out a couple good California Cabernet's, some Shiraz, a Malbec and a few Pinot Noir. All reds. We're not too fond of white wine. They have wine tastings there on Saturday afternoons. We tried a couple French Bordeaux's. I'm not big on French wines either. There was one that was decent but a bit pricey, not really worth it. So we opted for our usual bargains.

After all that we came home walked Bandit, broke open a bottle of wine, heated up some leftovers and watched I Love the 70's on VH1.

That was how I spent Day 5's (even though I'm writing Day 6's...I'm writing post-daily) vacation day. Technically, being that it was the weekend, it wasn't even a vacation day but you get the point.


tyler said...

hey rick:
this is my first venture into your blog and actually i am impressed that you and your partner can slug down a case of wine in a couple of hours: and this would would be 12 bottles, right? cool.
as for white wine: i too stopped drinking white wine for a few years but decided to screw my head on tightly and give them another try. i now love certain california and french whites: white burgundies from france, chards from california, oregon and washington, rieslings from germany. all very great wines once you find your favorites.
give 'em a try once again.

Rick said...

Tyler - 12 bottles in a couple of hours...slight exaggeration.

: )

Anonymous said...

Only slight...he he ;) Depends on the disaster of the day.

tyler said...

ahhh: the lost art of irony...

Anonymous said...

I hate market basket in Salem..I grew up shopping at MArket Basket in NH as a kid. I get a fuzzy feeling when I am in Market Basket recalling childhood trips. The fuzzy feeling I do not feel at the Salem one! It sucks..
Try Price Rite on the Lynnway! They are cheaper and the store is not that bad! Much nicer than Crapet Basket(as we call it) and CHEAPER.