Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 8 of My Vacation

I've been doing a bit of writing on this vacation. Sunday afternoon I spent at Barnes & Noble writing in the cafe. Monday and Tuesday writing on the couch. I should be spending more time on my book but I don't want my vacation to be all work. Though writing is fun once I'm into it.

Yesterday Bandit barked at me. He was in - what I'm assuming - is his typical mid-morning slumber when I sauntered my ass down stairs after being upstairs for a couple of hours. He's not used to me being home so much. He barked then looked up at me as if to say, "oh yeah...you're around. When are you going back to work again?" I'm so loved by my dog.

The tire dilemma continues. I was all set to order them yesterday. I went back to Direct Tire (decided they were the best) and they then proceeded to tell me I should really get snow tires for the winter and regular tires for the off-season. I know he's right. Other people have said it too. My car is a high-performance sports-sedan, the all-seasons made for it just don't cut it in snow. Not only are there way to many choices to make for the all-seasons now I have the snow tires to consider. Now I need 8 tires! This is going to cost a fortune. It's enough to make me leave my bald ones on; though I know I can't do that much longer. So should I get just a really good set of all-seasons and tough it out in the snow (like I have been) or get a decent regular season and a decent snow tire? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well, I'm meeting a friend for breakfast. I should probably hop in the shower.


Anonymous said...

Get a good set of all-season tires. Where would you store the other 4 tires that are not on the car? And would the tires that are not on the car be subject to more damage off the car than on the car? (always dry, eventually becoming brittle)

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time or money on 8 tires... think about how long before you get a new car, the expense of the snows, and like afod said - the storage, and the cost and pain in the neck of changing them back and forth. Just spend good money on good tires. Also...how good is a tire dealer that tries to talk you into spending more money than you have to...KEEP SHOPPING AROUND.